About Grass Chief

Who we are and why choose us?

At Grass Chief our main mission is attention to detail.  We believe in leaving people better off than when we found them.  Quality and dedication is the key to a long and sustained practice.  We strive to go above and beyond to not only impress but offer genuine assistance.  We are a combination of patients, growers, scientists, connoisseurs, and genuine people with good hearts following our dream of a holistic lifestyle.

A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

  • We believe in leaving people better off than when we found them.
  • We bring you a fine selection of premium medical marijuana flowers, derivatives, concentrates and edibles.
  • We only stock quality from AAA to AAAA top grade product at reasonable prices. DO NOT BE FOOLED, AAAAA ISN’T A GRADE!
  • We surprise you with interesting samples on every order for you to explore.
  • We love rewarding our Tribe with gifts.
  • We only buy off Health Canada Approved Medical Marijuana Growers who practice safe growing techniques.
  • We genuinely care for people, and provide excellent customer service.
  • We personally inspect all our grower’s facilities and test all their products to ensure the best of quality, no exceptions.
  • All of our product is TRACKED FROM SEED TO SALE, so we know where it came from!!!
  • We believe in cannabis for medical purposes because we have seen first hand the many benefits that this amazing plant offers.
  • We are aboriginal.
  • We offer Same Day Processing.
  • We Ship Canada-Wide.

From this day on we are brothers and sisters, and we are one with nature.  Let us make your day better and improve well-being.

Thank you for giving us a chance to open our doors for you, and learning about Grass Chief.