The Pricing Dilemma of Legalized Canadian Marijuana

October 17th will mark a significantly important day for many Canadians. This is, of course, the day on which marijuana will be legalized across the nation. Whilst many are ecstatic having had stoned dreams about the opportunity to finally purchase their weed from legal sources which have been checked and verified, there remain several questions […]

CBD Oil – Everything You Need To Know


Why is the CBD oil essential to many? What benefit does it have to our health? These are the common questions asked by most people. CBD which is referred to as cannabinoids has many compounds. These oils contain a concentration of CBD. The use and intensity of these oils usually vary. What makes it vary […]

Different Extraction Methods & Your End Product

Different Extraction Methods & Your End Product

Let’s face it: society is becoming increasingly health conscious. For some people, smoking is an unacceptable risk and they need to find an alternative way to get stoned. And it’s not only this that’s drawing people away from traditional flower— but there are also connoisseurs of cannabis on a quest for the purest, the strongest, […]