Stoned Age: Cannabis In The Ancient World

Cannabis In The Ancient World

Cannabis has been with us since before the start of recorded history. It is a plant that is fairly simple to cultivate and has an incredibly wide range of applications, including medical, spiritual, and industrial uses. Its use is evident in remnants of a number of ancient cultures, where it often played critical roles in […]

How Safe is Your Vape? – The Science behind Vaping and Its Ingredients

How Safe is Your Vape

The rise in the use of electronic cigarettes in recent years has been greeted with a mixed reaction in various quarters. At the outset, they were seen as something of a temporary fad, a gadget, and likely viewed by the all-powerful titans of the cigarette industry as something that would fade as quickly as the […]

What Is Hemp?

What Is Hemp

Throughout cannabis prohibition, including that which persists at a federal level in the United States, one of the more ludicrous side effects has been the criminalization of producing industrial hemp. This aspect of cannabis prohibition would be similar to banning non-alcoholic beer during alcohol prohibition of the 1920s—it’s blocking access to a related, though very […]

Confusing Marijuana and Hemp

Confusing Marijuana and Hemp

Even in today’s modern society, there exists a lot of confusion around the different cannabis species. This is largely evident when we look at the comparisons between marijuana and hemp. This is an area where there really should not be any comparison to speak of, other than they are both parts of the cannabis plant. […]

Legalization Blues: The Problem With Canada’s Roll-Out

Legalization Blues: The Problem With Canada’s Roll-Out

Cannabis legalization has been an incredible milestone, something that many believed would never happen, let alone in our lifetime. And yet here it is. Finally, you can walk down the street to a convenient government-approved retailer and take your pick from an extensive selection of high-quality cannabis products . . . Only not all of […]

Another Step Closer to Federal Marijuana Legalization in the US

Federal Marijuana Legalization in the US

It may come as something of a surprise to many readers to discover, that despite being legalized by multiple states, including Washington D.C. and decriminalized by many more, marijuana still remains illegal under federal law in the United States. This effectively means, though unlikely, that the government could decide to crack down even on the […]