Bottoms Up: The Rise of Cannabis Beverages

The Rise of Cannabis Beverages

Over the past decade, beverage producers have lamented a plateau in sales. Consumers know what they like, and when it comes to alcohol, they tend to buy consistently. Those in the industry have been searching for something . . . something new that will grab people’s attention, perhaps even offer something fresh for the consumer, […]

Shatter – What Difference Does Your Concentrate Color Really Make

What Difference Does Your Concentrate Color Really Make

When it comes to choosing between two concentrates, one of the key factors which many of us recreational users will identify is the color. This is something which we react to probably without much scientific backing, and a choice which is more based off rumors we have heard and the forming of a routine than […]

Pot for Pets: Medical Cannabis for Cats & Dogs

Medical Cannabis for Cats & Dogs

The legal cannabis industry is growing larger and dividing into subsectors which aim to use the plant to meet more specific needs. One of the more interesting, and amusing, fields of research and development is that looking at using cannabis to treat our four-legged, furry friends. That’s right, your favourite medicine might just work for […]

Sights & Strains: A Guide To Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis’ semi-legality in many countries around the world, including full-blown recreational legalization in Canada, has spawned cannabis sectors in nearly every industry. Tourism is no exception. For many people, being able to consume cannabis legally, or at all, is a novelty in itself worth traveling for; for others, a little pot just livens up the […]

Stoned Age: Cannabis In The Ancient World

Cannabis In The Ancient World

Cannabis has been with us since before the start of recorded history. It is a plant that is fairly simple to cultivate and has an incredibly wide range of applications, including medical, spiritual, and industrial uses. Its use is evident in remnants of a number of ancient cultures, where it often played critical roles in […]