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Cannabis and Fitness: How it Works and What You Need to Know

Cannabis and Fitness

Looking closely at this title you may think that this is a mistake and that GC has lost their marbles. Guess again friends, there is a definite link to be drawn between enjoying your favorite plants and hitting the gym. A lot of this link is even very positive. Here we will take a more […]

Cannabis Grading System – How it Works and What it Means

Cannabis Grading System

Whether you are a long-time user, or simply new to the cannabis industry, there is one thing which you will quickly learn to judge. That is, the quality of your weed. With such a demand in the current market, thanks in part to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, it will come as no surprise […]

All About Decarboxylation and How It’s Done


The process of decarboxylation is one which confuses many who are new to the cannabis industry, or may not have put a whole lot of thought into how their edibles became infused with psychoactive properties. This can be explained through decarboxylation. This is the process by which cannabinoids within the raw cannabis flower are made […]

Cannabis E-Juice What It Is & How To Make It

Cannabis E-Juice What It Is & How To Make It

First things first: this article is intended to explain the theory and barebones practicalities of how cannabis e-juice is produced. Read the following information with the explicit understanding that making cannabis e-juice from scratch and subsequently heating and inhaling certain types of alcohol (even in residual quantities) can be hazardous to your health, and could […]

How Cannabis Fights the Common Cold and Other Infections

How Cannabis Fights the Common Cold and Other Infections

The weed industry is dynamic and becoming increasingly well understood. With even our pets on pot these days, you are likely already very aware of the many ailments and conditions which cannabis can treat in one form or another. Typically, we think of these as related to chronic conditions such as arthritis and other pain […]